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60A Microprocessor Charge Controller (Intelligent Controller)

Model No. :
30A - 60A
Production Capacity :
500, 000 (pcs) (Day)
Product Detail
Base Info.
  • CE ISO 9001 ISO14001
Additional Info.
  • solar one
Product Description

Solar controller


With high Quality and reliability.

Adds new features and protections using highly advance technology.
Provides longer battery life and improved system performance
Sets new standards for reliability and self-diagostics


Versions available: 40, 50 or 60 amp

12/24/48 volt auto-work negative or positive ground

Microprocessor which is made in USA

PWM or ON/OFF series battery charging options

State of charge (SOC) battery regulation

Battery Ah setting, boost charging, equalising charging, float charging

Automatic load reconnection, manual load switch

Automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 /48V)

Temperature compensation

LCD display: SOC as a fuel gauge, all system parameters in digital value, system status as symbols

Full circuit protection, electronic fuse

Field adjustable parameters by four buttons

Load control option: ON/OFF, Dusk-to-Dawn, On + setting hours, setting time ON/OFF. (For type -II)


Short circuit-solar and load
Overload-solar and load
Reverse polarity, reverse current at night
High voltage disconnect
Loads protected from voltage spikes
Automatic recovery with all protections
PWM Solar Charge Controller /Regulater ( For Solar Streetlight System)

We offer our fully soiled state charge controller with PWM regulation, guaranteeing an extended lifetime, with voltage drop optimized and sized down across the circuits.

The charge regulator has a three tier charging algorithm with boost, absorption and float charge the batteries, after a deep cycle, and after disconnection e. G. Maintenance checks.

The will boost charge interval can be set to user specified parameter. We offer a fully automatic microprocessor controlled regulation.

40A 50A 60A
Rated solar input 40A 50A 60A
Rated load 40A 50A 60A
System voltage 12/24/48V 12/24/48V 12/24/48V
Regulation Voltage 14.4V 14.4V 14.4V
Float 13.4V 13.4V 13.4V
Equalization 14.8V 14.8V 14.8V
Load Disconnect 11.4V 11.4V 11.4V
Load Reconnect 12.6V 12.6V 12.6V
Temp.Comp.(mV/ c ) -30mV -30mV -30mV
Self-consumption ≤ 30mA ≤ 30mA ≤ 30mA
Operation temperature: -25 to +55 -25 to +55 -25 to +55
Compliance: CE world Bank
Note:values are for 12V. Use 2X for 24V, use 3X for 48V.

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